All subsidy requests are assessed by the Foundation’s board. To that end, the board meets up in spring and in fall, and it consists of:

Mr. J.A. Fentener van Vlissingen (Chairman)
Mrs. M.M. Fentener van Vlissingen- de Pourtalès (Board member)
Mr. G.H. Blijham (Board member)
Mr. F.A. Croon (Board member)
Mrs. C.A. Davids-Mattart (Board member)

The Foundation’s officers are not remunerated for their work. They may, however, be entitled to an allowance for the expenses they (reasonably) incur in the performance of their duties, and they may also receive a non-excessive holiday allowance for their work for the foundation. These allowances are included in the statement of income and expenditure. The board may also decide to pay an officer a non-excessive expense allowance. These allowances are included in the Foundation’s financial statements.