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The goal of the John and Marine van Vlissingen Foundation is to help children in need. Projects must directly support children. The foundation has a strong preference for small projects that can be supported for several years.

If you feel that your project qualifies for a subsidy on the basis of these criteria, please submit a request using the form below.


Each country can choose one or more projects following these guidelines:

  1. One or more projects should be submitted to the board including the amount the office involved expects to raise.
  2. The project needs to directly support children.
  3. The projects need to be small and local.
  4. Large multi-national organizations or large national organizations are not eligible for consideration.
  5. The Foundation is not interested in research.
  6. Preference to ongoing support of selected projects potentially up to 3-5 years.
  7. The applicant needs to investigate if the goal of the project is legitimate, control the budget and supervise the financial situation.
  8. The money raised by the employees will be matched by the Foundation, the Foundation has the right to maximize the match.
  9. There should be a constant involvement with the projects.

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