Gonja Mheza Rhino Vocational Training Centre


The Gonja Mheza Rhino Vocational Training Centre (VTC)

VTC is a collaborative project, sponsored by a very small number of Dutch foundations:
John and Marine van Vlissingen Foundation, Suzuki Rhino Club The Netherlands, The Watoto Foundation and Wilde Ganzen. The Project is supported by the education authority of Same District and the RC Diocese of Same.

The foundation stone was laid by the former Prime Minister of Tanzania (Hon Peter Pinda) in July 2014. The VTC was inaugurated by the RC Bishop of Same, Rogarth Kimaryo, in July 2015.
Nowadays the VTC is run, managed and administered by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Same District and Bishop Rogarth Kimaryo. It is now a secondary school as well as a vocational training centre so that students leave with both a school certificate and a technical certificate.