La Estrella de Birongo


La Estrella de Birongo

La Estrella de Birongo, is a musical movement of young people and children that are part of a small community called Birongo located in Venezuela.

Created in 1973 La Estrella de Birongo musical group is an example of how the colonized black people are reclaiming their cultural identity through music. The group became part of the FET’s entrepreneurs’ (Esteban Torbar Foundation) projects in 2012 and their first project was focused in getting funds to buy the materials to self-made their instruments. It is important to mention that many of the materials have special significance owing to their source or rarity. After 2 years and having responsibly paid back their entire loan raised through Eposak, the group has travelled to different places within the country promoting their cultural show and feels the need to move to another level in order to build their cultural identity temple.

The project

A musical school designed to be their cultural identity temple.Their dream is to build a music school where they can incorporate centuries-old traditional music and dances influences to the future generation of this community and strengthen their growing sense of pride in their traditional culture.

The musical group is an association of children and youngsters who firmly believe in the greatness of their cultural heritage. Its mission is to teach community traditions, cultural events and history through music, in order to preserve Birongo’s identity and values.